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Satoshi's Treasure Club presents a simple API to check for treasure keys which have been found and considered 'released into the wild'.

This feature can be used from within your own applications.


The number 0001 can be replaced with any key number to easily determine if the key is generally public knowledge.

Api Responses

Example Server Response: 0001=ST-0001-a36e904f9431ff6...
Example URL:

Key Yet To Be Found
Example Server Response: 0001=100
Example URL:

Key Found But Secret
Example Server Response: 0001=200
Some keys may be protected if they are submitted by our members.
Many of these are likely to leak and become public from other sources.
When this happens the key will immediately appear in our API.

Invalid Key Number
Example Server Response: 0001=500
Example URL:

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April 18th, 2019


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