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Satoshi's Treasure Club wants to help everyone get a slice of the Grand Prize.

If no action is taken, it remains likely that the entirety of the sum will be won by a single, and perhaps anonymous, individual.

To this end, our automated system will lay claim to the Grand Prize of $1,000,000 in Bitcoins immediately - as soon as one of our members enters the 400th key. Specifically, automated attempts will be made on all keys entered after the 399th.

The automation has become possible to implement as a result of recent discoveries.


The first member of Satoshi's Treasure Club to enter a new unique unseen key into our system will receive (upon our groups successful claim of the Grand Prize) the totalilty of the share for that key, expected to be USD $1,000,000 / 400 = $2500 per key.

This increases fairness and propels us quickly towards victory.

The remaining prize pool will be divided up between all other members, based on other contributions and participation. There is nothing to lose by joining our group.


All keys entered into our website are immediately protected by asymmetric RSA encryption. The private key required for decoding submitted keys does not exist on this server.

We do NOT risk your rare Satoshi Treasure keys by storing them in any vulnerable form.

Any member who submits a unique key to us will never have that key revealed to any member, nor displayed on this website.

Contributed keys will not exist on the server and will never be visible to members, unless they are already considered 'released into the public' from external means. However, submitted key numbers and their verification status will be available to all members so everyone is able to track our progress.

Our database is backed up to external servers multiple times per day.


All members can see when new keys are submitted, along with the key numbers (out of 1000), but not the keys themselves.

Maximum transparency is our goal, up until it risks compromising security.

Member Input

We look forward to receiving your input and suggestions to improve our platform and to increase our chances of success.

Maximum Viability

At Satoshi's Trasure Club we aim to make participation as easy as possible, while giving our more successful researchers the benefits they deserve.

You don't need to trust us, at least not yet. Join us for the ride, and sit back as the keys come in.

Perhaps there is a limit to what we can do with respect to sharing this Satoshi Treasure. However, we hope to find that limit.

How to Participate

To get started, create a free account on Satoshi's Treasure Club and make sure to enter a Bitcoin payment address into your account.

You can then head over to the Treasure Map.


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April 19th, 2019


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Satoshi's Treasure Club wants to help everyone get a slice of the Grand Prize.
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